We had a family gathering over the weekend; thanks to the public holiday, my sister (with hubby and kids) managed to travel from Penang to visit us in KL.

Where could be better place than a zoo to bring a bunch of kids for outing?

Elephant, Zoo Negara

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My uncle had hired a lion dance group to perform at his house during Chinese New Year, cost a couple hundreds of Ringgits.

Lion Dance

When I was a kid, lion dance was quite often seen… during CNY or any Chinese organization’s related events.

Although Malaysia is world renowned for lion dance, it’s not as easily seen as those days. When I was a kid we could get a ‘lion’ performing at our house for RM10 or less; now it cost much more and needs advance booking.

Some people like to relate this to government’s sanction etc., but fact is it’s hard to maintain a lion dance group… it’s not financially sound and youngster these days are not as passionate about these kind of activities; they prefer TV or PC games perhaps.

I wonder 50 years from now on… will people still be seeing lion dance in Malaysia.

Was filtering my photo archives, found some decent photos that I have not shown on this blog, from my Europe trip last year. Here are some of the photos taken on Oct 7, 2005 at London.

Some sort of hut at St. James Park…

St James Park, London

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This is the keyboard I am using, probably aged more than 6 years now… as seen most letters are already gone, I bet it needs at least a decent typist to use it (what I mean is I must be really good in typing lol).

Computer keyboard

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