“Kalau tidak suka, jangan tengok Astro.” That is the only recommendation that our minister Mr. Lim Keng Yaik could give when asked about the price hike of Astro.

I am just wondering if there is at least another reputable competitor for paid TV service in Malaysia, would Astro think twice before increasing their price?

There is nothing wrong with Lim’s statement, but I do wish that a person of his status could have some brighter ideas.

Frankly I don’t mind paying better price for equivalent quality, but I am getting more frustrated with Astro month by month… there are wasting money paying for rubbish channels while putting the cost on consumers, their services sucks during rainfall, and there are more and more commercial break… I felt like I am paying money to watch advertisement everyday.

The irony thing is, despite all those dissatisfaction… it’s very likely that I will continue to subscribe to Astro, just like most of the other subscribers. Do we really have much choices? (Oh we do… Jangan Tengok Astro.)

Malaysians must be pretty familiar with a recent Digi advertisement… Fu-yoh. Honestly, what is the meaning of Fu-yoh? Is it a common used term among youngsters nowadays?

Can’t seem to find much info about the word online. I believe it’s a kind of flower in Japan, or is in fact a Japanese word… but I doubt Digi is using a Japanese word.

My friend told me that the meaning of Fu-yoh is derive from Chinese word which means wealth… it sounds right but I doubt it’s the case as well.

Some forumers at Lowyat.net gave a simpler explanation that it is just a word of acclamation on something surprise… like “Fuyoh, so cheap!” Just like OMG etc. perhaps; sounds more logical.

Call me dirty minded, but I can’t stop thinking that Fu-yoh is a disguise of “Fu*k You”… it sounds so similar for me.

Even if Fu-yoh does mean to show surprise blah blah… there must have a recent origin for people to start using that word, and I suspect that the word is derive from the famous F word instead.

I am not a saint; I do spit some foul languages some time… so what the meaning of Fu-yoh doesn’t concern me too much in the end. Just thought that if my hypothesis is right… it must be interesting to have some TV commercials farking us everyday.

When is the last time you visited your school? Well, if you are still a student… the obvious answer will be just a day or two ago. So, this question is meant for those who have graduated for at least a couple of years.

I’ve graduated from my high school for more than 8 years, and the last time I actually visited the school was to get my STPM result, just about 8 years ago.

It’s odd, I have great memories of my high school years, it was fun, mostly… but I never bothered to pay the school a visit for all these years. Sometimes I did drove by the school when visiting my hometown, just to see if there are any difference with the school… but I was kinda ‘afraid’ to walk into the school.

I am not sure why… perhaps I know that it will remind me of a lot of wonderful memories that won’t repeat itself again. Sometimes people are not just trying to hide bad memories, but good memories as well, just to pretend that we are living the happiest moment in our life… that’s what I believe.

I am certain that I will revisit my school again some day… probably when I feel that my current life is so good that those wonderful memories in high school are not that worth remembering any more. Hope that the time will come really soon.

Weekdays… Wake up, breakfast (most skipped it btw), drive to work, work, lunch, work, drive home, dinner, TV, sleep.

Weekends… Wake up late, brunch, shopping, TV, more TV (some prefer PC/PS games though), dinner, and more TV, sleep.

It’s not my life. Some of the people I know are living their life this way… nothing wrong with that, it’s their life after all.

Watched “Hotel Rwanda,” an inspiring (or rather disturbing) movie about the Rwanda Genocide in 1994. It makes me wonder… what it took for a person to take the other life; what could trigger a massacre; what can you do to prevent something bad even if you saw it coming…

It reminded me that despite lots of unfairness and stupid stuff in Malaysia… we are still a lucky bunch of people to be born on this land. It’s a pretty rare occasion that I felt really good to be in Malaysia, or to be a Malaysian… lots of the other time I was rather pessimist about our future, couldn’t help it.

Btw, I watched the movie in a hospital… any other weirder places to watch a movie?

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