It’s sort of my family tradition to have a chicken drumstick on birthday. I am not sure how it started… I guess that my family was not rich back then, and having a chicken drumstick was quite a blessing.

The practice was off track for a few years because my family was staying in different places… we didn’t celebrate our birthday together as often. I thought the tradition might have been broken, but when I found out that my brother and sister celebrate their kids’ birthday with chicken drumstick… I have a big grin on my face; the legend continues.

Forget about all the delicacies and gourmet… all I want for birthday for years to come is just a simple yet tasty chicken drumstick.

When I was a kid, I had some fantasy about high speed trains… like the French TGV and Japan bullet trains; I actually thought that those trains could reach a destination faster than an aeroplane.

The fantasy kinda shattered when I took my first train journey to Kuala Lumpur from Ipoh (or Ipoh to KL, can’t remember correctly) when I was around 9 years old… and it took around 4 hours to reach the destination, as fast as a car could be.

I am still interested in trains though, and I always believe that a good train network is an important factor to build a modern country. I was more affirmed about the idea when I visited London for the first time 5-6 years ago, when I saw how good their Underground (sort of like our LRTs) system was.

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When is the last time you visited your school? Well, if you are still a student… the obvious answer will be just a day or two ago. So, this question is meant for those who have graduated for at least a couple of years.

I’ve graduated from my high school for more than 8 years, and the last time I actually visited the school was to get my STPM result, just about 8 years ago.

It’s odd, I have great memories of my high school years, it was fun, mostly… but I never bothered to pay the school a visit for all these years. Sometimes I did drove by the school when visiting my hometown, just to see if there are any difference with the school… but I was kinda ‘afraid’ to walk into the school.

I am not sure why… perhaps I know that it will remind me of a lot of wonderful memories that won’t repeat itself again. Sometimes people are not just trying to hide bad memories, but good memories as well, just to pretend that we are living the happiest moment in our life… that’s what I believe.

I am certain that I will revisit my school again some day… probably when I feel that my current life is so good that those wonderful memories in high school are not that worth remembering any more. Hope that the time will come really soon.

When I was in high school, I fell in love with a girl (sort of) who didn’t like people smoking.

I don’t smoke; not that I would even if I never met this girl… but sometimes when I saw people smoking, I thought of her, and I know that I’m still keeping a simple promise that I made to myself long ago… and it feels good.

Not sure how she thinks about smoking these days… people change. Who knows, her current boyfriend might be quite a heavy smoker, that will be pretty ironic.

I personally know a multi-millionaire (let’s call him Mr. Rich), who was a dear friend to my father.

How he earned his first bucket of fortune was quite ‘legendary’. Fact is he is a good friend of a decently important politician (let’s call him Mr. VIP) and thus managed to know the development blueprint in a large city in Malaysia prior to the official announcement.

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