Our PM Abdullah Badawi is getting married again on Saturday… no joke, the news is released by Prime Minister Office.

His previous wife Endon Mahmud died in October 2005… it’s just less than 2 years ago… and Pak Lah is already 68.

Whatever, I am speechless.

A few Malaysia government stories recently…

Samy Vellu and the parliament roof

Some parliament roof (or ceiling to be precise) was falling down lately despite government spending RM90mil to restore and renovate the parliament a few years ago. According to Samy, the pipes were not part of the restoration.

My old house in Ipoh was renovated about a decade ago, and the first stuff that our contractor changed for us was the pipes and the (electric) wiring. My contractor didn’t even finish his high school and he knew what the priority when restoring a building is…

I wonder what contractors did Samy hired; it was not an easy task to be those dumb contractors. Besides, if they were not changing the pipes (and perhaps wiring as well), I wondered what would cost RM90mil for restoration? Too much coffee perhaps…

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I almost got cheated by a scam, below is the story… please help spread the warning.

I got a recorded message from ‘high court’ that I had missed a court hearing, and that I was summoned to another court hearing a couple days later… I was given the option to contact them for details by pressing a number (xxx press 1, xxx press 2 kind of style) and was investigated by a Bukit Aman officer… that I was suspected involving in a money laundry case, that a bank statement with my details were collected as evidence from a crime scene.

The officer mentioned that my details might be stolen from somewhere and used for crime, and he would need my cooperation to clear my name.

I was then contacted by some representative from high court. The lady showed some patience in asking some matters, sort of like clearing me from the case… the ‘investigation’ sounds convincing as she even told you that the conversation was recorded. (She spoke with me in Chinese, I should have suspected something fishy earlier)

Then came the funny part… she told me that the high court would have to freeze all my accounts for investigations, and that a new bank account would be opened by the high court, and I had to transfer all my money into that new account all risked my account being suspended until further notice.

I was not sure what to do, it didn’t sound right… I asked my sister for some discussions and felt that it might be a fraud case. I then contacted Bukit Aman (phone #) and Malaysia High Court (03-8880 3500 / 3900), and was told that there are no such investigation going on, and was advised to report to nearby police station.

I am just back from making the police report and decided to post a warning here. I was stupid enough to share my IC #, but luckily didn’t share anything about my bank account and didn’t lose any money here.

So, please help spread the news as warning to the others… and if you know any reporters, tell them to issue a warning of some sort if possible. Thanks.

Malaysia will defy the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and host Manchester United in July, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi insisted on Friday. [ESPN]

Well, I am a United fan for some 17 years, I would be glad if they do come. Problem is, I think they shouldn’t.

As far as I know, Malaysia signed a contract with AFC that barred Malaysia from promoting any other soccer event 10 days before the Asia Cup until 3 days after the final… Malaysia FA shouldn’t even agree on the United visit at the very beginning.

Regardless of the reasoning, a contract is a contract and should always be respected; unless AFC is giving the node, United shouldn’t come.

Imagine what would happen to the world if everyone shows no respect to contracts and promises.

Imagine your spouse make a promise to stay with your for life, and then decided to break off the relationship because he or she finds a better one.

“Kalau tidak suka, jangan tengok Astro.” That is the only recommendation that our minister Mr. Lim Keng Yaik could give when asked about the price hike of Astro.

I am just wondering if there is at least another reputable competitor for paid TV service in Malaysia, would Astro think twice before increasing their price?

There is nothing wrong with Lim’s statement, but I do wish that a person of his status could have some brighter ideas.

Frankly I don’t mind paying better price for equivalent quality, but I am getting more frustrated with Astro month by month… there are wasting money paying for rubbish channels while putting the cost on consumers, their services sucks during rainfall, and there are more and more commercial break… I felt like I am paying money to watch advertisement everyday.

The irony thing is, despite all those dissatisfaction… it’s very likely that I will continue to subscribe to Astro, just like most of the other subscribers. Do we really have much choices? (Oh we do… Jangan Tengok Astro.)

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