Underlining its seriousness in wanting greater unity, the government yesterday ordered school administrators to speed-up integration-related programmes. [NST]

I doubt that the government is working on the right spot. You see, when I was in primary school, there are no racial issues in my thinking… Ali, Ah Kau and Mutu are all good friends. It applied in my real life; I made friends with all people regardless of races.

My thinking got a bit confused when I got into high school. We were required to study Tamadun Islam for one or two years. Fine, if it’s to learn other Malaysians’ culture and religion… but I always wondered why Muslims are not given the chance to learn other Malaysians’ origin as well?

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When I was a kid, I had some fantasy about high speed trains… like the French TGV and Japan bullet trains; I actually thought that those trains could reach a destination faster than an aeroplane.

The fantasy kinda shattered when I took my first train journey to Kuala Lumpur from Ipoh (or Ipoh to KL, can’t remember correctly) when I was around 9 years old… and it took around 4 hours to reach the destination, as fast as a car could be.

I am still interested in trains though, and I always believe that a good train network is an important factor to build a modern country. I was more affirmed about the idea when I visited London for the first time 5-6 years ago, when I saw how good their Underground (sort of like our LRTs) system was.

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Not sure if the lunar eclipse was viewable in Malaysia… didn’t bother much about the astronomical wonder until I found out that how amazing it was with the moon turning reddish.

Here is a video of the lunar eclipse (thanks to awecz), a bit shaky but pretty cool…

There are a few dozens (if not hundreds) of lunar eclipse on YouTube, make a search if interested.

Some amazing Africa nature and wildlife photos from Michael Poliza… visit his site for more photos, and remember to download the Namibia slideshow, which is absolutely breathtaking.

Amazing Africa elephants photos

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Sissel Kyrkjebø, better known as Sissel, is a famous Norwegian singer.

I first heard about Sissel’s music from Japanese drama “Summer Snow” (starring Tsuyoshi Domoto and Ryoko Hirosue) in 2000/2001. Her voice was simply mesmerizing.

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