Not sure if the lunar eclipse was viewable in Malaysia… didn’t bother much about the astronomical wonder until I found out that how amazing it was with the moon turning reddish.

Here is a video of the lunar eclipse (thanks to awecz), a bit shaky but pretty cool…

There are a few dozens (if not hundreds) of lunar eclipse on YouTube, make a search if interested.

Thought of writing something about love… but nothing comes into my mind. I’m starting to admire those love novels writers; it probably took some great love experiences and/or imaginations to write a great love story.

A great love song will at least require the same passion, and perhaps works better than novels… “First Love” (~ Utada Hikaru)…

Meet Japanese pop singer Tomoko Kawase, more commonly known as Tommy February6 or Tommy Heavenly6.

I learnt about Tomoko when she was singing for pop band The Brilliant Green, where they sang the opening song for Jdorama “Over Time” that starred Takeshi Sorimachi and Esumi Makiko..

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The man loves the woman, the woman can’t love him.

A woman loves the man, the man love the woman who can’t love him.

In the end the man marry another woman, who has no love for him, and he doesn’t love her.

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Kiroro is one of my favorite Japanese artist (2 actually, they are duo from Okinawa). Their music is often so simple and pure, with just a piano and a beautiful vocal.

I first learnt about Kiroro from Taiwanese singer Rene Liu, who sang a few Chinese hit songs adapted from Kiroro’s original Japanese version.

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