About Me

Jee is my name. Malaysian, 28 years old, male.

Love travelling, reading, eating, sleeping (hence overweight); can’t drink, ex-gambler, non smoker and like to talk trash.

About this Blog

It’s personal, sort of. Daily life, random thoughts, junky discovery, political rants and travel journal (haven’t been travelling much though).

I welcome comments. It’s good to see thing from different perspective.

My Work

I have been working as a freelancer for more than 4 years. I rarely work on clients’ project these days; most of my time are spent on building websites that could generate passive income… doing ok.

My Travel Dream

I love travelling, I like to see as many places and experience as many things as possible.

I’ve been planning my travel plans for years; quitting my 9-5 (9-9 to be precise) job was a start, and building on passive income is the key for me to travel here and there while maintaining a healthy bankroll.

About my Anonymity

I don’t post my real name, nor revealing my face on the blog. I just feel more comfortable to share stuff while staying behind the scene.

Contact Me

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