As mentioned at my last post, this blog is moving to a new domain at YeinJee.com, which is my name btw.

Officially, I won’t be updating anything on this blog anymore. I don’t plan to take down the blog though, so the archives are staying.

Link partners need not to worry too… all the links will remain as well… let me know if you would like to exchange links with the new website instead, we will discuss about that.

One thing remains unchanged though… I am still who I am.

Thanks for all your support at Jeelife.com… visit my new website for updates from now on.

I am making a change to this blog.

It is a pleasure to be blogging here since September 2005, but I felt that the blog has reached an embarrassing moment of losing its direction. I have a funny feeling when blogging my personal stuff and sharing my social political view at the same time… not to mention posting some interesting online findings as I often did when the blog first started. It’s kinda messy when all these stuff crumbled together…

So, I am moving this blog to a new domain at Yeinjee.com (that’s my name btw)… and separate the website into a few blogs instead. I am currently still working on the settings (templates, categories) etc. but the new blogs are generally working.

So here it is… the link to my Life Log and Malaysia Blog. I am working on another couple of other topics as well, will announce it later.

I also decided to close the comment option for my life stories… I felt more comfortable doing so. Comments are always welcome for the Malaysia blog.

I will update with further details when the new website is fully ready… at the moment, do visit my new blog for updates, as I will not be blogging her anymore.

Thanks for the support and sharing all this while, cheers.