Streamyx sucks.

I hadn’t been able to get online since last Saturday (June 13); I contacted Streamyx support on following Monday and was told that everything was working fine, that they could track that I was online.

Problem was, I was not able to access anything online at all… the call center support couldn’t figure out the problem and filed a report for me. The next day a technician called me and asked me to restart the modem again and everything should be ok. Being naive I just followed the instruction but I still could not connect the internet at all…

The technician didn’t contact me again and I had to call the support center on Wednesday to check my report. To my astonishment the technician (or the support team) closed my report straight away without verifying that everything was ok.

Fine, it could be a miscommunication… they opened another report for me… and guess what really pissed me off? Nobody from Streamyx called me to help settle the problem up until today.

I contacted my friend (thanks Bryan) this morning and he took about an hour to figure out that my modem was not working… we changed the modem and everything is working fine now. Funny thing is that I was assured numerous times by the Streamyx support that my connection was working perfectly (when my modem was not working…), woohoo!!!

It’s nothing new mumbling about how Streamyx sucks… it has become a norm in Malaysia really. The annoying thing is that we don’t have much choices… we still have to pay them monthly to use their service even though they sucks… irony isn’t it?

It’s the season of Bak Chang.

I love these rice dumplings… but I have a weak stomach; and glutinous rice is one of the evil stuff that could trigger some gastric and stomach problem for me. Problem is, I can’t resist the dumplings, at least not during these one or two months around the Dragon Boat festival.

Guess I will have some stomach ache and gastric for a couple of weeks.

Our PM Abdullah Badawi is getting married again on Saturday… no joke, the news is released by Prime Minister Office.

His previous wife Endon Mahmud died in October 2005… it’s just less than 2 years ago… and Pak Lah is already 68.

Whatever, I am speechless.

We had a family gathering over the weekend; thanks to the public holiday, my sister (with hubby and kids) managed to travel from Penang to visit us in KL.

Where could be better place than a zoo to bring a bunch of kids for outing?

Elephant, Zoo Negara

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