“Kalau tidak suka, jangan tengok Astro.” That is the only recommendation that our minister Mr. Lim Keng Yaik could give when asked about the price hike of Astro.

I am just wondering if there is at least another reputable competitor for paid TV service in Malaysia, would Astro think twice before increasing their price?

There is nothing wrong with Lim’s statement, but I do wish that a person of his status could have some brighter ideas.

Frankly I don’t mind paying better price for equivalent quality, but I am getting more frustrated with Astro month by month… there are wasting money paying for rubbish channels while putting the cost on consumers, their services sucks during rainfall, and there are more and more commercial break… I felt like I am paying money to watch advertisement everyday.

The irony thing is, despite all those dissatisfaction… it’s very likely that I will continue to subscribe to Astro, just like most of the other subscribers. Do we really have much choices? (Oh we do… Jangan Tengok Astro.)


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