A few Malaysia government stories recently…

Samy Vellu and the parliament roof

Some parliament roof (or ceiling to be precise) was falling down lately despite government spending RM90mil to restore and renovate the parliament a few years ago. According to Samy, the pipes were not part of the restoration.

My old house in Ipoh was renovated about a decade ago, and the first stuff that our contractor changed for us was the pipes and the (electric) wiring. My contractor didn’t even finish his high school and he knew what the priority when restoring a building is…

I wonder what contractors did Samy hired; it was not an easy task to be those dumb contractors. Besides, if they were not changing the pipes (and perhaps wiring as well), I wondered what would cost RM90mil for restoration? Too much coffee perhaps…

Bocor MPs made public apology

The MPs (MP Mohd Said Yusof and Kinabatangan MP Bung Mokthar Radin) who made the “bocor” remarks in Parliament made a formal public apology to all women after meeting Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil Friday morning. [Thestar]

They forgot to apologize to all men as well… as a man I felt as offended by their idiotic words as well. I have mother and sisters… if anyone says that to their face I will punch their nose for sure.

Never mind… not that I really care if they apologize… because apology will not be accepted anyway.

Malaysia Datukship

Honestly… if in future I somehow did something that makes Malaysia proud and is offered a Datukship… I wonder if I should accept it or not.

At the current situation, I don’t want to. No disrespect to ‘some’ of the good Datuks, but most of those that are honored with the title are a bunch of idiots. Take the above 2 MPs for example… they are Datuk… and I don’t want to associate myself with these peeps.

Malaysia is going to become MSC

In the 18th MSC Malaysia Implementation Council Meeting on 11 August 2005, chaired by the YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia, MSC Malaysia Cybercentre status has been awarded to Perak, Melaka, Pahang, Johor and Negeri Sembilan. MSC Malaysia Cybercentre status has also been awarded to KL Sentral. [Source]

In the end the whole nation will become Multimedia Super Corridor… I wonder why they wanted to specify a region as MSC at the first place.

I remembered lots of foreign companies spending millions to move their offices into the MSC region so that they can enjoy the benefits… and now the government is making an effort to make the whole nation MSC. I wonder how will the CEOs of those companies felt for wasting their money moving their offices…

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