Happy Labour Day to everyone.

For most who are getting a day off, happy holiday. Some people are already on holiday since last Thursday btw… lucky peeps.

For those who need to work, thank you for sacrificing your holiday to make the life of others easier… although I suspect you don’t really have much option.

For Buddhist, Happy Wesak Day.

Malaysians must be pretty familiar with a recent Digi advertisement… Fu-yoh. Honestly, what is the meaning of Fu-yoh? Is it a common used term among youngsters nowadays?

Can’t seem to find much info about the word online. I believe it’s a kind of flower in Japan, or is in fact a Japanese word… but I doubt Digi is using a Japanese word.

My friend told me that the meaning of Fu-yoh is derive from Chinese word which means wealth… it sounds right but I doubt it’s the case as well.

Some forumers at Lowyat.net gave a simpler explanation that it is just a word of acclamation on something surprise… like “Fuyoh, so cheap!” Just like OMG etc. perhaps; sounds more logical.

Call me dirty minded, but I can’t stop thinking that Fu-yoh is a disguise of “Fu*k You”… it sounds so similar for me.

Even if Fu-yoh does mean to show surprise blah blah… there must have a recent origin for people to start using that word, and I suspect that the word is derive from the famous F word instead.

I am not a saint; I do spit some foul languages some time… so what the meaning of Fu-yoh doesn’t concern me too much in the end. Just thought that if my hypothesis is right… it must be interesting to have some TV commercials farking us everyday.


When there is nothing personal to write about on a personal blog… you know it’s time for some changes in life.

Have been working like crazy on various stuffs since CNY; set aside a few dinners or tea-chats, I can’t remember the last time I had a real outing with friends since CNY.

And it seemed I have not done anything particularly interesting in recent months… perhaps I should take a break and go holiday somewhere.

More foreign students = education excellence? What kind of logic is that?

Malaysia aims to double to 100,000 from the present 50,000 the number of foreign students at local tertiary learning institutions by 2010, Higher Education Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed said.

He said the government would embark on a dual-pronged approach to realise the target, which he described would be a “significant increase” to achieve the government’s goal to turn the country into a centre of education excellence. [Bernama]

For me, it’s another 50,000 foreigners getting to know how poor the tertiary learning institutions are. Shouldn’t the ministry focus on improving our universities’ standards before thinking of attracting more foreign students?

After the brawl at Machap, we must have guessed that the politicians and their supporters have learned something and would act more mature in future… it didn’t happen; the supporters fought again on the nomination day of by-election for the Ijok state seat.

I wonder what will happen at the nationwide election if this ‘fighting spirit’ is not controlled.

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