When is the last time you visited your school? Well, if you are still a student… the obvious answer will be just a day or two ago. So, this question is meant for those who have graduated for at least a couple of years.

I’ve graduated from my high school for more than 8 years, and the last time I actually visited the school was to get my STPM result, just about 8 years ago.

It’s odd, I have great memories of my high school years, it was fun, mostly… but I never bothered to pay the school a visit for all these years. Sometimes I did drove by the school when visiting my hometown, just to see if there are any difference with the school… but I was kinda ‘afraid’ to walk into the school.

I am not sure why… perhaps I know that it will remind me of a lot of wonderful memories that won’t repeat itself again. Sometimes people are not just trying to hide bad memories, but good memories as well, just to pretend that we are living the happiest moment in our life… that’s what I believe.

I am certain that I will revisit my school again some day… probably when I feel that my current life is so good that those wonderful memories in high school are not that worth remembering any more. Hope that the time will come really soon.

When I was in high school, I fell in love with a girl (sort of) who didn’t like people smoking.

I don’t smoke; not that I would even if I never met this girl… but sometimes when I saw people smoking, I thought of her, and I know that I’m still keeping a simple promise that I made to myself long ago… and it feels good.

Not sure how she thinks about smoking these days… people change. Who knows, her current boyfriend might be quite a heavy smoker, that will be pretty ironic.

As far as my memory goes, I had never missed a Qingming’s tomb-cleaning since 6 or 7 years old… not until this year.

My family members were all in Ipoh during the weekend for the annual routine; I was supposed to be back as well, but some unexpected web hosting problem had put my websites (not this one, but other more crucial income sources) into jeopardy… I had to weigh the importance and decided to stay back in KL to curb with the hosting issue.

Not really sure how I’m feeling now… a bit guilt feeling perhaps, as I often see Qingming as important (if not more important) as Chinese New Year. A bit moody too, Qingming often reminded me of my father and my grandmother… it’s not sadness, just a lot of thinking and memories-flashing.

Hmmmmmmm… I dunno, life goes on, tomorrow will be a better day.

Weekdays… Wake up, breakfast (most skipped it btw), drive to work, work, lunch, work, drive home, dinner, TV, sleep.

Weekends… Wake up late, brunch, shopping, TV, more TV (some prefer PC/PS games though), dinner, and more TV, sleep.

It’s not my life. Some of the people I know are living their life this way… nothing wrong with that, it’s their life after all.

Advertlets and Nuffnang are 2 Malaysian blog advertising networks that launched in beta recently.

James Yeang has an interview with both of the founders, pretty good read, kudos to James.

After visiting their websites, I found some questions and ideas about the 2 networks; here is my review for both projects. (I don’t know both of the founder in person, thus no bias intended)

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