Malaysian censorship board has banned 2 movies produced by Malaysian directors lately.

The first being axed was “Village People Radio Show” (Apa Khabar Orang Kampung) by director Amir Muhammad, who also had his movie “The Last Communist” banned last year. Amir blogged about why Village People Radio Show was banned, read it.

If communist related movies are judged too sensitive for Malaysians’ viewing, the 2nd banning is rather peculiar. The movie is “I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone” by international renowned director Tsai Ming Liang.

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My uncle had hired a lion dance group to perform at his house during Chinese New Year, cost a couple hundreds of Ringgits.

Lion Dance

When I was a kid, lion dance was quite often seen… during CNY or any Chinese organization’s related events.

Although Malaysia is world renowned for lion dance, it’s not as easily seen as those days. When I was a kid we could get a ‘lion’ performing at our house for RM10 or less; now it cost much more and needs advance booking.

Some people like to relate this to government’s sanction etc., but fact is it’s hard to maintain a lion dance group… it’s not financially sound and youngster these days are not as passionate about these kind of activities; they prefer TV or PC games perhaps.

I wonder 50 years from now on… will people still be seeing lion dance in Malaysia.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all lovebirds.

Will be going back to Ipoh tomorrow, want to beat the traffic. The blog will go into hiatus until I come back to KL… probably by next weekend.

Happy Chinese New Year to fellow Chinese; for the rest, happy holiday, or at least a happy week ahead.

Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Finally felt some CNY festive mood over the weekend… shopping malls were jammed with frenzy shopping, and pasar malam was crowded with people hunting for CNY delicacies and accessories.

Was trying to do something illegal, buying firecrackers, but no luck.

CNY without firecrackers will never be the same. I seriously think the banning of most firecrackers are dubious… there are probably more people injured (or killed) in car accidents in a day than would be injured by firecrackers in a year… perhaps we should ban driving instead.

Btw, I am getting tired of CNY. Traffic jams, and same old questions from relatives every year… what are you doing now… Why not working (they never understood the freelance concept)… got girlfriend or not… wah you are getting fatter each year (yes, thank you very much)… blah blah blah…

Gosh, am I getting too old to enjoy CNY?

When we are talking with our love ones and use the words “YOU” and “ME” more often than “WE”… the relationship could be in trouble.

Just a random thought.

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