Taiwan actress Xu Wei LunTaiwan actress Beatrice Xu Wei Lun passed away on Sunday (Jan 28) because of her injuries from a car accident on late Friday.

Didn’t see this coming at all, she’s just 28 and should have a bright future ahead of her. That’s life, it’s just so unpredictable.

Rest in peace Beatrice, condolences to her family.

Was in Ipoh to attend a funeral last week. The deceased was a school headmaster, and her funeral was on a working day… so understandably most of the people at the funeral were retirees, retired teachers to be precise.

Heard a lot of conversations, mostly about where to find the best doctors, best supplements, grandchildren, and gossips of what’s happening to the others that’s not at the funeral… apparently there’s a fella that got married at the age of ~65… pretty cool huh.

It’s rather funny though, that these people have been friends for years… and it took a funeral for all of them to gather again. Friends are precious, friends for decades are priceless…

On our back to KL, I told my mum that she shouldn’t wait until the next funeral to meet her friends again; they should hang out more often for a tea or dinner… she agreed.

Thought of writing something about love… but nothing comes into my mind. I’m starting to admire those love novels writers; it probably took some great love experiences and/or imaginations to write a great love story.

A great love song will at least require the same passion, and perhaps works better than novels… “First Love” (~ Utada Hikaru)…

U-NeeKorean singer U-Nee committed suicide and passed away on Jan 21.

When Mongolian Altantuya Shaaribuu was murdered in Malaysia a few months back, some photos were widely spread, mistaken as Altantuya; but in fact the photos belong to U-Nee (or Lee Hye-ryeon).

U-Nee’s death is nothing less tragic then Altantuya; she’s said to be suffering from depression from various pressure, including abuse and defamation from various online sources.

Defamation kills, think twice. RIP U-Nee, RIP Altantuya.

A pro-government Malaysian daily (NST) has sued two popular Internet bloggers for defamation in what a critic said Thursday would have a “chilling effect” on freedom of speech. [Full story here]

Lots of bloggers are standing in defence for the 2 bloggers, Jeff Ooi and Ahiruddin Attan… but honestly, what makes people think that bloggers can’t and shouldn’t be sued if we did something wrong?

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