Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.

Taking a break from blogging… will be back probably by 2007.

The condo I’m staying suffered a power shortage this morning. I was frustrated initially as I have some deadlines to meet and needed the PC desperately (reminded me that I should get a laptop).

There’s nothing much I could do, but the blackout helped me to clear some mind. I have been working like crazy for the past couple of weeks; neglecting lots of the basic things in life… in fact this blog itself shows that life has been boring lately.

Thanks to the good weather, it’s not too warm and I could stay home to do some house keeping… clean my room, wash my toilet, throw out some dried veges from my fridge. I also decided to visit a bookstore nearby… read some books, flipped some magazines and got myself a FHM 2006 calendar.

It’s good to have moments of leisure at life, I almost forgot to relax myself once in a while… thanks to the blackout, I managed to catch a breather.

NST have an article today about some Malaysians are caught in credit card debt trap… funny thing is that I was in Ipoh last day and my aunt talked to me seeking advice to help my cousin to settle his credit card debts that mount to RM30-40k.

My cousin is probably earning around RM2,000 monthly and can’t even afford to pay the minimum payment every month. His debts came from various spending, lots of the time in things that he doesn’t need… according to my aunt his branded cloths are pilling in abundance, lots of the time wore only once.

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Some amazing Africa nature and wildlife photos from Michael Poliza… visit his site for more photos, and remember to download the Namibia slideshow, which is absolutely breathtaking.

Amazing Africa elephants photos

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Malaysia Astor viewers have probably noticed an Astro Max advertisement where a Chinese housewife who’s busy with her work and have some kids that always switch her TV channel; and then her husband bought her an Astro Max so that she can view her favorite program when she finish her jobs and when the kids are probably asleep.

I understand Astro is trying to give some touching message, which I felt to notice; I just think that the characters are pathetic… indecisive mum, ball-less dad (and husband) and spoilt kids.

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