Woke up this morning, slept for 7 hours but 6 out of those 7 hours were like dreaming, dreamin, dreams… felt more tired than yesterday nite honestly; and this situation has been happened quite frequent lately.

One contributing factor to the unsettled sleep is perhaps I work till very late at night, and almost go to the bed immediately after I switch off my PC… all the thinking, ideas and pressure are still mingling in my mind when I go to sleep, and give me all those crappy dreams.

That’s a golden rule for people that work from home, which is to have self discipline. Seems like it’s not just applicable to discipline ourselves to work when needed, but to discipline ourselves to stop working when we should.

So… for better quality sleep… I guess I should stop working after 8pm to free my mind.

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A friend told me that if she can meet Taiwan heartthrob Jerry Yan in person when he comes to Malaysia next week… that will make it the best day for her in 2006.

It’s quite funny to hear a 27-year-old saying that meeting a superstar will make it a great day, my immediate thinking was that my friend probably needs a life; but before I teased her, a thought flashed through my mind… what have I accomplished this year?

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There’s a newly launched website in China, Quacor.com, which allows users to download copyrighted movies legally, and FREE.

The website claimed that they are “the world first website for copyrighted movies absolutely free.” The launching of the website was reported by tonnes of China media, so they could be probably offering legal downloads as claimed.

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The UMNO General Assembly 2006 has ended. As always some leaders are vowing with life and blood to protect Malay interest… can’t blame them, it’s a Malay congress after all, they need to show their aggressiveness towards the others to fulfill their own agenda; that’s politic.

It has been unofficially confirmed that there will be no deadline for NEP. Good to hear that, honestly. At least we can be sure of UMNO’s intention to utilize on the racial biased economic policy until they can get what they want, so call balanced wealth between races in the country.

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