Notice any familiar face in the picture? It’s a snapshot from US TV series “Party of Five” in late 90s.

Party of Five, US teen series

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I just blogged a few days back referring to the Petronas Raya commercial, thinking that young Malaysians these days don’t know how to handle old folks (with Alzheimer in particular).

UMNO youth leaders have just proven me right in some sense, with their comments and criticism that retaliates on Dr Mahathir attacks on Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi.

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The stylists and photographer for the Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2006 promotion photos should stamp their feet for making some poor publicity for themselves.

Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2006

The girls look much prettier on TV than on this photo… the styling was too over and the angles of the photo made the pageants look stiff and odd.

What’s the point of using stylist and professional photographers if they are not making the contestants more charming?

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Many Malaysians have probably seen the Petronas Raya advertisement on TV (watch it on YouTube), where a couple are trying to take care of their old man that’s having alzheimer.

I am not sure what the ad want to present in the end, I wonder if it indicates that the couple was doing not enough, that we have to be more filial and learn to forgive.. whatever, the ad sure raise lots of thinking.

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Mum told me that this is ‘Ang Moh’ lychee, wondering what’s the proper name for this weird looking fruit..

Weird looking fruit

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