Chewing some gum just now, and noticed the label behind.. saying that excessive use can have laxative effect.

That probably means that if I chew loads of gum I will probably shit more right? And for people who have constipation, they should chew more bubble gum :p

Chewing Gum can cause laxative effect

Sorry, got to go.. feel like shitting now.

Meet Japanese pop singer Tomoko Kawase, more commonly known as Tommy February6 or Tommy Heavenly6.

I learnt about Tomoko when she was singing for pop band The Brilliant Green, where they sang the opening song for Jdorama “Over Time” that starred Takeshi Sorimachi and Esumi Makiko..

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There was a girl I liked when I was much younger, I did everything stupid to get her attention, but missed the most crucial part for being too coward to ask her out.

Life goes on, haven’t seen her for years.. I feel a bit weird thinking back, feeling a bit stupid, a bit embarassment, a bit of regrets and perhaps a bit of everything.

There’s a proverb that says that.. people will rarely regret on things they did, but regret on what they didn’t. So true.

I wonder what will happen if I did ask her out, but guess I’ll never know.

The man loves the woman, the woman can’t love him.

A woman loves the man, the man love the woman who can’t love him.

In the end the man marry another woman, who has no love for him, and he doesn’t love her.

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Read from the morning news where a police officer, constable Mahadir Tawile lost his life during an operation that saw 6 robbers shot dead as well.

It’s tragic that the constable was accidentally shot dead by fellow police officers, but he would not have lost his life if it’s not for those bastard robbers.

I often being critical to our police force, having too many bad apples.. but lets not forget that there are more good apples that are risking their lifes daily to protect us.

My condolence to the constable’s family, RIP officer Madadir Tawile.

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