Malaysia public universities’ standard are dropping all these years, people are wondering if it’s still worth studying in local universities. Fact is however for lots of the future undergraduates, they don’t have much options because of financial issues.

Despite the general dipping of quality in Malaysia universities, studying in local Unis can still be resourceful and interesting. Here is Jee’s 7 tips to improve your university life in Malaysia public universities..

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Former Malaysian prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been attacked with pepper spray in Kota Baharu airport on Friday morning. [BBC]

I was totally shocked when I first read the news from YB Lim, not just because Tun M is such a figure in Malaysia, but the fact that the villain was attacking an 81-year-old man without mercy is just so unforgivable.

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Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad selling breadMalaysia former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has a new venture, running a Japanese-style bakery called The Loaf.

Tun M owns a 51% stake in a join venture with a Japanese partner. The first of its branch is opening at Telaga Harbour Park, Langkawi (this weekend).

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After my sister is back from Europe after spending some 2 years there, my lifestyle changed a bit.. I no longer have instant noodles as breakfast and is replaced with cereals instead, which according to sis.. we must eat healthy breakfast.

So every morning I’m having muesli, corn-flakes and milk.

Mueslicorn-flakescereals with milk

Am I getting any healthier? Dunno yet. One thing for sure, I’ve gained 6 pounds after changing my breakfast menu.. I’m blaming on the ‘healthy’ cereals.

Blog from Public Security Bureau, Hebei, ChinaMalaysian police force should consider blogging.

I thought of this after reading a popular Chinese blog maintained by the Public Security Bureau from Hebei province, China [link].

The Chinese blog cover various news and information from the Hebei Public Security Bureau including tips to prevent being a crime victim, daily events of the police force, personal diary and interviews with various police personnel.

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