Went out for lunch in PJ, and the parking machine showed the message “tidak perlu bayar” (no need to pay).. felt like striking a lottery lol.

Ermmm any idea what is happening? Trivia trivia..

A. It’s part of celebration for Petaling Jaya to be promoted to city status
B. Parking machine (at least 12 in the street) malfunctioned
C. I am just dreaming and should go to doctor
D. None of the above
E. I love chocolate

Went to Shogun Japanese buffet restaurant at 1U last night, sort of celebration for Seong’s birthday. It should be a happy day but ended in real havoc for me.

The food option was great, good quality, decent services and everything seemed fine until almost the end of the dinner, when I started to feel some dizziness and distorted stomach.

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It’s fathers’ day, since that my father is spending his life in heaven for a decade, that’s nothing much to celebrate actually.

I just suddenly thought of thanking my sisters and brother for taking care of me in these years.. hmm actually most of the time they don’t really know what I want and not really that helpful, but I know they care.. and that’s more than enough. Love you all.

Happy brother’s and sisters’ day.. happy fathers day.

Was reading a story from Adam [link] about his studies in forestry but working in a career totally unrelated to his studies now.

At least Adam did worked in his field for 7 years, some graduates didn’t even touch a bit of their degree related stuffs since their first day at work. I have stories of my own too..

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It’s a crazy month of World Cup soccer, it really is for 2 Thai victims that was shot dead for cheering too loud during a live broadcast between Italy and Ghana. [ link ]

I’ll remember to keep quiet next time when watching a World Cup match.. I probably should quit watching at all.

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