After the exposed video of Sarawak high school girls bullies, Malaysians are suddenly concerned of schools’ safety, and politicians started to appear in newspapers saying this and that as if it’s something suprisingly new about school bullies.

Fact is school violence has been happening for years, and ‘lucky’ me, studying for 12 years in a all-boys environment allowed me to witness some of the strangest bullying. And school violence didn’t need to relate to hardcore gangsterism as some media suggest, it could be just part of the growing up process if you ask me.

If you think some whacking and butt kicking are call brutal, let me show you some example of real school violence.. hair washing from toilet bowl, putting a firecraker in pocket & light it, drinking kerosin (minyak tanah), pee bathing and the traditional helmet and stick wacking.

There were a few things that I learnt from high school about violence..

Notice how often the one being bullied are always loners that don’t mix around with others. Bullies are not stupid, they know who to pick to start a fight as well.

Like what Russell Crowe said in movie Gladiator.. stay together, and we will survive.

We had a headmaster (Mr. Yu) that was in charge of our high school for some 4 years. During his leadership our discipline record improved a lot and our academic achievement was the best ever during that period.

Headmaster Yu was the kind of headmaster that was not afraid to put the reputation of school in jeorpady for the sake of discipline improvement. There’s a few times that the cops and press came into school to make arrestment, it’s nothing proud but it worked to coup with some serious issues.

I didn’t realize how influential and capable Headmaster Yu was, only after his retirement and the school discipline started deterioting again, I knew a good leadership and capable headmaster can really turn things around.

Student getting fired were pretty common in my days, and it’s easy to differentiate who was rich and who aren’t. Poor students were gone forever, rich students came back.

It didn’t take a genius to understand that money and power make a difference. Even a strong headmaster Yu could do nothing when the parents bring along some MPs to get their children back to school.

It’s a shame when politicians used their influence in school for the wrong reasons, and thank goodness that 2 bastard MPs were not elected again in last general election.

Some bullies are probably being spoilt by their parents, worse thing is if the parents or relatives are spoilt brats as well. Our school and headmaster received not less than one letter from attorneys, some parents could go to the extend of sueing the school for firing the kids.

There was once a parent that decided to take over the school board of parents and teachers of some sort, and try to stir things up because her nephew was fired. Turned out our school created some record with 1500+ parents attending a high school board election.

Bullies are bad, parents that are bullies are worst.

Being a good teacher is not easy nowadays, I salute those who sincerely sacrifice towards our country reputation.

There are however some rotten apples, like one of my friend. He became a teacher to get ‘customers’ into his tuition classes so that he can make loads of money. I doubt he really cares about student wellfare, and I seriously there are a bundles of teachers like that.

I always believe the best teacher is something like Great Teacher Onizuka from the popular Japanese drama and anime. Well, not to that extreme but teachers that can build rapport with students are normally the best.

I had 2 teachers that were always appointed to those problematic classes, and always gained respect from those troublemakers. What they did were just mixing around very well with those students, like shitting and swearing together. Although I always believed one of the 27 inches biceps carried some words.

2 Responses to “My thoughts on school bullies and school violence”

  1. Joshy Says:
    July 1st, 2006 at 6:21 pm

    violence among the kiddos is a scary thing…the part about groups picking on loners or individuals is so so singapore it happens so often also,just that the papers do not publish such news very often unless the matter is very big in singaporean terms.

    recently got one teenage girl got whacked jialat jialat by a few girls at a void deck and she kena stripped of her top the whacks to her head and body, while the girls were hitting her got someone film somemore.

  2. Jee Says:
    July 2nd, 2006 at 9:26 pm

    I think in Malaysia and Singapore still ok.. heard that school violence is much worse in Japan.. and off course in USA where we heard more than a couple time of gunfiring in school.

    Things need to be done to coup with the school bullies problems, it will be a long long way to go.

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