After the exposed video of Sarawak high school girls bullies, Malaysians are suddenly concerned of schools’ safety, and politicians started to appear in newspapers saying this and that as if it’s something suprisingly new about school bullies.

Fact is school violence has been happening for years, and ‘lucky’ me, studying for 12 years in a all-boys environment allowed me to witness some of the strangest bullying. And school violence didn’t need to relate to hardcore gangsterism as some media suggest, it could be just part of the growing up process if you ask me.

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Wang Guang Liang album coverWas thinking of going for Michael Wong’s concert end of September, most people perhaps would be more familiar with Michael’s Chinese name, Guang Liang instead.

Funny though, I had never attended any solo concert before.. pretty odd for a 27 ehh? Those days I used to think that concert tickets were bloody expensive, and I generally don’t have specific favorite artist that could craze me to their concert.

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This got to be the news of the month.. an 80-year-old man driving on the wrong side on the road at North-South Expressway (NSE) at 60kmph, and the best part is, no ones get killed for that. YaY another Guiness Record..

Read the full article from NST, thanks to MMR for the lead.

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Netherlands-orange-jerseyNetherlands are out of FIFA World Cup 2006 after losing to Portugal 1-0.. no more Dutch flag in World Cup.. no more orange jerseys.. T.T

A bit of consolation though, I can watch a few less matches, proceeding with some better sleep perhaps.

I will be mourning for the Netherlands, I will blog in Orange until the World Cup ends.. ermm or until I’m bored with the orange color.

Old manThe simplest things in life can touch our heart, only if we let it to..

Had dinner with sis yesterday in a SS2 restaurant late at 10pm, sitting next to our table was a group of seniors in their 60 perhaps.

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