Beverly Hills 90210 logoIf you can understand the title “Beverly Hills 90210” in a glance, you are probably at the age suitable to get married.

Teenagers and young adults are craving for teen drama like OC and One Tree Hill nowadays.. at my early teenage we had our own version of teen soap opera, one of the most popular were Beverly Hills 90210.

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A few days ago a Malay blogger MENJ posted an article saying something like ‘destroying Christianity’ blah blah and thus created a whirlwind debate in Malaysia blogosphere. [summary of details here, from Kamigoroshi]

Some bloggers decided to strike back with their ideology, some reported to the webhost, some wanted to report to the police, some go to the extend to send memorandom to the prime minister; while some came into the defence by the name of freedom of speech.

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle by Google

Thanks to Google.. seems like May 22 was the birthday of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930), the author of Sherlock Holmes sequels.

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Bak ChangIs there any official English name for Bak Chang? Rice dumplings? Meat dumplings? Rice and meat dumplings? Or the official English name is really the simple Bak Chang?

We make our own Bak Chang at home for the the Dragon Boat Festival since I was a child, making Bak Chang is one of the very few cooking skill that I can be proud of lol.

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Yesterday was SW’s birthday, we celebrated with her at SS2 Island Cafe.. with the old bunch of friends, most of us know each other for 9 years now.

9 years of friendship really mean something, and I always appreciate this relationship. Btw, CY and PG were there as well, and 3 of us know each other for some 18 years since primary school, that’s kinda coool.

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