So I met his majesty former Yang Di Pertuan Agong X from Negeri Sembilan at KL International Motorshow. The crowd were obviously curious about the VIP as his majesty were surrounded by dozens of guards, police and ranked soldiers.

Funny thing was what I heard from some of the crowds..

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Welcome to Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow 2006. Just went there this noon with Seong to avoid the crowd in weekends.. it’s actually my first ever visit to any motorshow.

Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow 2006

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Ipod NanoTheGadgetBlog by Malaysian blogger Colbert Low will be celebrating its first anniversary and are offering prizes to be won.. including an Apple Ipod Nano for 1st prize!

They are a few rules to be eligible for the ‘lucky draw’, it will take some 5-10 minutes and the rest will depend on your luck. Read their rules here.. [link]

In fact by telling you this I’m already in the draw lol. The contest is ending on June 2, so don’t wait, there’s nothing to lost right? Btw, happy anniversary to TheGadgetBlog.

HTML graphFound this cute tool from Sala, via moemoe. It built a flower like graph that displays a website tags and HTML usage.

Not sure if it’s any real usability at the end of it, but it looks kinda cool and provide a different perspective on what your website could ‘look’ like. Try it out.

Sometimes I wonder.. why do I need a fridge at home.. other than to suck my electricity.. since it’s empty most of the time.

empty fridgeempty refrigerator

Electricity tariff in the Malaysia peninsula will go up by 12% from June 1 btw.. [link] say YaY. Maybe it’s time to shut off my dear fridge.

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