My friend Terry used to tell me about the Power of Subconcious Mind, where people will get what they want if they have strong enough determination.. and they will get it in some unexpected manner.

My other friend Bryan has an absurd amazing story that he once moved a piece of cloud by focusing his energy, using his mind power.. lol it’s a mad mad world.

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KUALA LUMPUR: A pre-historic insect was spotted in Malaysia, expert claimed that it could be a major breakthrough in the biological research after the recent Big Foot discovery.

So here comes the pre-historic insect.. ehh not really. I actually found this stubborn thingy in my house, anyone knows the name of this insect?

Insect in my house

PS: notice how shiny white is my floor, I am being a good boy and keep the house clean muahaha..

This is the story of a seventeen, who have some bedtime fun with her boyfriend, and stupidly recorded their love scene on video with her phone.

Here comes the witch, out of jealousy, stole her phone, found the video and published it online, sent to every email she can gets.

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Chicken LittleOur Malaysian government had finally confirmed that the death of 40 kampung chicken along Jalan Genting-Klang last week was caused by H5N1 strain of the avian influenza.

So the bird flu that is feared globablly is here, somewhere within 30km radius from where I stay.

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Enochiophobia, also known as Demophobia, Crowd Phobia or in simple English.. Fear of Crowds.

I can’t recall since when, but I have a reluctancy to go to places with lots of people. I won’t actually name myself a crowd phobic, as I can handle the situation when needed, just 99% hate it.

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