Adik Alicia’s raised my interest with post questioning Malaysian ethics. I was typing my 2 cents when realized it was an utterly long comment, might as well blog about it.

Answer her question first..

1. a pedastrian was about to cross the road.. wad will most of the malaysian drivers do?

If normal road sure continue to drive lar, unless it’s a pedestrian walk, I will try stopping. I always said to my friends that pedestrian walk is a good place to suicide in Malaysia, most drivers don’t bother about it.

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Anyone want to play scrabble? Was cleaning my house a few days ago and found this old piece of scrabble, this scrabble set I have must be around 20 years old.

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My 5 weird habits, meme tagged by Tanya aka Tzaranita

I am quiet
I am quiet, my highest record is not speaking a word in 8 days.. could be longer but my mom decided to call me to see if I was alive. Weird part is.. when I hang out with my friends I am normally the most talkative.. extreme in both ways I guess.

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Hugh Laurie, Dr House won the Golden Globe Best Performance by an Actor In A Television Series (Drama). I love the show very much, love the cockiness of Dr House too.

Chinese director Lee Ang ‘Brokeback Mountain’ brought him the Golden Globe Best Director award, with the movie itself winning the category of Best Motion Picture (Drama).

Read more about 2006 Golden Globe Award.

wc.jpgI was kinda suprise that most of my friends don’t know what is WC.

The actual meaning for WC is water closet, aka flush toilet.. and is commonly used to signal availability of public toilets in some places. The terms WC is not commonly used in Malaysia, I remember seeing it only a few times, I think in KLCC.. Commonwealth countries most likely naming it toilet or washroom straight away.

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