BlogCharm, a get paid to blog network was just launched by the popular blog directory and community, BlogExplosion.

Blogcharm is still running in beta, a few problems has yet to been clarify such as how the revenue will be share among the blogs, what will be take into consideration? Traffic? Post number? Content relevancy?

Unlike most of the profit sharing blog networks that are more selective in members intake, Blogcharm is open for public and it’s instant approval. With the member base they have in Blogexplosion, I foresee that Blogcharm will explode in no time.

The huge member base in a profit blog network could act as a double edge squad, it probably can attract good number of visitors, but the imbalance of post quality in a specific category might drive the advertisers away.

It’s still unpredictable on how far Blogcharm can go, but for those that are interested with the concept, it’s time to jump onto the wagon.

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