Happy Chinese New Year

Will be going back hometown tonight to avoid the traffic in the next few days. So the blog will be in hiatus for a while until my CNY holiday ends.

To all Chinese friends and readers, Happy Chinese New Year.

BlogCharm, a get paid to blog network was just launched by the popular blog directory and community, BlogExplosion.

Blogcharm is still running in beta, a few problems has yet to been clarify such as how the revenue will be share among the blogs, what will be take into consideration? Traffic? Post number? Content relevancy?

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Lost, tv seriesAXN started showing the ABC tv series “Lost” from episode 1 again. I am a great fan of the tv drama, and love “Lost” pretty much.

It’s actually pretty cool to see the tv series from the beginning again, lots of the things that happen in later episodes are actually hinted very early, like when Kate first appeared she was rubbing her wrist (later will know that she just free herself from the handcuffs), the suspicious act of Charlie etc.

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Kobe BryantNBA star Kobe Bryant dunk in 81 points in one single game, the 2nd highest in the NBA history.

I almost didn’t believe my ears and I heard the news at Sportcenter.. but yeah Kobe Bryant did something insane scoring 81 points leading LA Lakers to beat Toronto Raptors 122-104.

I am not a big fan of Kobe nor NBA anyway, but this is something truely amazing. The highest record is 100 points by Wilt Chamberlain in 1962.

I am disappointed with the Maybank2u connection speed, it’s frequently lagging. Just now I made a few online bills payment and cost me more than half an hour because the portal is so dang low.

Whether it’s the peak usage hour or whatever reason it is, there’s no excuse of Malaysia leading banking internet portal to be loading so slow. And I am a broadband user, I wonder how the 56k modem users felt when using Maybank2u service.. that will be so damn frustrating.

Maybank2u.com a one-stop financial portal arhh? One that connection always stop lar!

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