Happy Birthday to CTW, we celebrated his birthday by going to Redbox karaoke at 1230am, drank some song and sang some beer.. btw Redbox is BS expensive lerr, 5 people spent RM180+ and yet still sober. Next time should go places like Song Bird, got to boycott Redbox.. ermm btw before this the last time I stepped into a karaoke was like a year ago, I was virtually living in stone age for quite some months, unbelievable!

I got back at around 4am, grab some sleep and woke up just minutes ago, damn tired.. and great news, I got an important appointment to catch at 10am at Cyber Jaya, I have a proposal to submit by 3pm and the best news is I’m not very much prepared yet.

Working as a freelancer requires lots of self-disciplined, which I was doing pretty well, today is just one of the very few of the days that I lost a bit of grabs.. and headache arhh.

Got to finish the final touch on my 3pm proposal, and got to bath, dressup and drive to Cyber Jaya in another half an hour. Life is beautiful?

oh oh and btw Q-bar Pyramid got lots of leng lui, should go there next time.. :evil:

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