8 main goals for 2006..

1. Lose weight from 80 kg to 67kg
2. Get a good job, I am bored working as freelancer
3. Clear my PTPTN education loan
4. Earn RM20,000 from internet income
5. Visit Hokkaido, Japan end of the year
6. Compose a song and being produced
7. Write a book and being published
8. Buy a Toyota Vios

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I have done a meme for my 2005 review, but straight to the point, 8 best things for myself in 2005 are..

1. My cute little niece was borned in April

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Since blogging in September, I have had 147 photos posted, mostly during my Europe trip in October. Nothing artistic, everything is taken by my digicam.. anyhow I have choosen 15 of it to be my favorite photos of 2005 to share with everyone, hope it’s enjoyable. [sort by date taken]

Bath, UK

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Ooops, Malaysians did it again! Despite having 3 years to apply for their MyKad for free, bunch of Malaysians decided to Q up on the very last few days to do so.

Things like this happen every now and then that it’s no longer news in Malaysia, it’s sort of a Malaysia culture now.. aiyo feel so proud, Malaysia Boleh again! They probably attempting the record for the longest Q ever created by a crowd, and want to make Malaysia into Gusiness World Book.

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Every year TIME magazine will make bunches of year end reviews, most famous for its ‘Person of The Year’. Others are like ‘Best Movies 2005’, ‘Best Tv Series 2005’, ‘Best Books 2005’ blah blah blah..

For me the most interesting is the Best Photos of the Year 2005. Warning! Lots of the photos was taken during various disaster like Katrina and earthquakes, so it could be pretty saddening. It did however reminds me on how lucky and blessing I am, just to wake up every morning and drink a cup of coffee.

TIME also rated on the 50 Coolest Websites 2005, worth some reading.

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