I was never good in housekeeping, probably never will, the DNA of being messy is heavily embedded in my gene. :D

My house is a mess right now, but I don’t really bothered, still plenty of space to move around.. my thinking changed a bit when last Sunday my mum wanted to pay me a visit, and I decided to bring her to walk around shopping malls and not invited her into the house.. only then I realized how embarassed I would be to show my room to my mum and to those that didn’t frequent my house.

I was then determined to do some housekeeping, to clean my house, dump some junks, arrange the racks and probably dig out some goodies that I lost somewhere inside the house.. and yes I have been doing it since Monday morning. The progress is a bit slow, it was taking me hours just to clean a small corner, as I said I am probably genetically helpless in housekeeping.. this is really a tough challenge, I would rather go and race in a 42.5km marathon instead..

Anyway I am determined, I will never never give up, and by this weekend I will be proud to show the house to everyone lol..

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