I want to pay tribute to a lady that I’ve known for 14 years.

She just won a gold medal for Malaysia at the 23rd South East Asia (SEA) Games at Manila in the women’s 100m hurdles, her name is Moh Siew Wei.

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Well our Malaysian police force has been on the headline this few weeks for various encounters, too bad none of it was good news.. that sparkled a few thoughts that I have since some time ago.

For university graduates, policeman is one of the lower paid job, lots of graduates will not consider at all of joining our police force. Thus, our police force are not the brightest group in our society (at least academic wise), with an exception of just a very few.

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Mr Noriyuki Morita aka Pat Morita died Thursday at age 73.

Famously known for his character Mr Miyagi in the karate series, he was one of my childhood favorite actor. Me and my buddies were naive enough to follow the karate ‘lessons’ by cleaning the house, washing (waxing) the cars in hope of becoming a karate master lol..

Thanks for the wonderful memories, RIP mr Noriyuki Morita.

Will be driving back to Ipoh tonight, hope the weather can stay clear.. lol I doubt.

Although I have been in KL for 7 years now, I still felt very much that Ipoh is my real home.. it gives me that kind of comfort and peace of mind, that makes me feel really relax. No computer, no internet, no air-con, not many cars, not noisey, blue sky, good food, old friends, and my cute baby niece :)

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