I gave up my mind to visit Oxford, and decided to visit a few places again for photo shooting.. and also to board on the London Eye.

St Paul Cathedral
St Paul Cathedral, London

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We rested for a day after coming back from Europe, and sister decided to join me in a walk around London. She brought me to Camden, very much a London version of our Malaysia Petaling Street.. massive crowd, cheap goodies with bunch of varieties.
Camden London

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That’s it.. the end of a 19 days Europe tour, we were heading back to Calais and then London. One last sunrise to be seen on the Continental of Europe for the coming few years.

Everyone were pretty quiet, too tired or just missed the experience throughout the trip..

(edited 23 December)

We visited a diamond factory in the early morning, gosh the real good diamonds are damn expensive! We then had free time around Amsterdam, we went for the canal cruise first.
Amsterdam canal cruise

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We went for a Rhine Cruise in the early morning, famous for its scenery and castle uphill along the way.. a pretty decent morning.
Rhine cruise

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