It’s been raining on and off since early morning.

Most people hates raining, I don’t.

I actually love it and I don’t really know why. I actually enjoy the most just after the rain stops, feels like a whole new world was born..

As if I can forget about all the unpleasant of the day, enjoy the rare freshness of breath into my lungs, feeling a sense of total calmness and relax and probably thinking how much a pleasure is to sleep in this chilling weather.

I love rain, I really do.

My sister offered me to visit her in London and join her on a Tour de Europe next month, fully sponsored. I don’t really want to waste her money; RM8k is never a small figure for me… so I called her…

Jee: ‘Hey sis, don’t wanna go larr.. too expensive’

Sis: ‘Aiya boy, money not important, come to join me for fun, could be once in a lifetime chances’

Jee: ‘But RM8k worr.. I would rather use it to buy a new PC + a new laptop’

Sis: ‘No problem, I will sponsor you another RM8k for those’

Jee: :o ‘wah.. but..’

Sis: ‘No more but, go to buy the ticket or I’ll just book it online on your behalf’

Jee: …. ok, thanks :)

You see, it’s really a blessing to have a sister that is mildly rich and really really love you, God bless her.

… after the conversation, rushed to bath room and groomed for MATTA fair, still got another 3 hours for special offers.

MATTA fair was still crowded at 6pm, most of the good offers were all booked. Sri Lanka Airline offered trip to London for RM1600+ only, too bad sold out. So in the end got MAS ticket for RM2700+ and leaving on early October.

So London here I come, eagerly waiting to see you sis, love you always.

My sister in London called me today, inviting me to visit her in London and join her for a 18 days Europe tour, fully sponsored by her… isn’t that nice to have a sister that love her little brother so much :)

Thanks sis, love ya.

Thinking for whole night, should I go or not… I mean my sister is definitely being generous, but thinking that she needs to spend RM8000+ for my trip tears my heart apart… I could do more other meaningful things at the moment using RM8000, say a new PC plus a laptop, basically a workstation for my web development projects.

But Europe travel… that will be so dang fun :cry:

So what should I do? What should I do? Ermm headache headache larr…

MATTA as for Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents are having MATTA fair again, from 16-18 September at PWTC, KL.

Planned on going today to avoid the crowd but no idea where or when I want to go for a trip lerr… also last time I went for the fair the tour also not cheap, selling too many inflexible tour packages and cannot pre-book for more than 4 mths.

So if it’s like I want to go for trip at Chinese New Year next year also no offers yet. Anyhow will be going tomorrow to see if I can get any good bargains on a flight to Phuket or not, I have a free accommodation coupon that I need to use before end of next year.

So MATTA fair here I come, prepare your red carpet to welcome me ok… lol

I wonder why people are that enthusiastic about the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland, every day TV got news and reports about it.

I mean even if the Disneyland is opening in KL… I would probably interest to go there after a year or two, maybe not even once in my lifetime.

Oh does this make me a freak? A people who have no childhood fantasies? Ermm not so sure, I would rather spend my money on the next releasing PC games, have a nice KFC value meal… or spend my time on TV or read a book.

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