Yesterday have a chance to grab a beer with 2 of my best friend, CY and TW, happened to bump into an interesting issue..

TW: eei Jee, you good lar.. be your own boss no need to work, no presure..

Jee: bullshit larr, you go out workin every end of the month got money in pocket, I day day work end of the month don’t know enough to pay the bills or not

CY: but working where got you so rich..

Jee: bullshit larr, last month my server crash and I got no income, lost some grains somemore.. you thought be my own boss sure rich arr? if so fun than why u 2 don’t want to be your own boss?

CY: if really so bad why you don’t come out and find a job?

Jee: well despite the pressure and uncertainties it’s quite fun, I got to do things that I like to do.. anytime I want.

TW: fuck you larr, u day day sit in front of computer where got fun, no time to see chicks some more

Jee: aiyooyooh, I spend a few hours a day at work only marr.. I got the leisure to have a coffee at some shopping mall at your working hour, go to Genting and have a round of money spending while you are busy at your job, go to Port Dickson to watch a sunset blar blah bleh.. u can meh?

CY, TW: … ermmm

Jee: btw last week while having my lunch at Dome 1U, I met a super cute blonde.. look somewhere like Lindsay Lohan

CY, TW: .. warrhh :cool:

Jee: uc if at work no chance to meet this chick..

CY, TW: then got any kangtao (good opportunities) or not?

Jee: sure got.. will see

btw, want to know more about how a webmaster get a girlfren?

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