Most Merdeka sales are over, but police department decided to extend their 50% discount for another one week.

I am wondering is Malaysia the only country that have discount for paying fine? ..and by making it an annual event doesn’t really help, people who got the ticket will wait for months just for the discount period to pay their fine.

btw the news also showed an ugly habit of fella Malaysians, they like to do things the dying minutes. My brother went to settle his fine just 2 days after the discount started, short queue.. my housemate went there 10 days ago, not too many people too.

..till last few days of the discount period, all the birds are flocking to the traffic department, as if got gold on the floor, or that they really enjoy the crowd and hours waiting. I mean come on larr Malaysians, got chances to do something do it fast and efficient, why wait till the last minute?

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