Yesterday have a chance to grab a beer with 2 of my best friend, CY and TW, happened to bump into an interesting issue..

TW: eei Jee, you good lar.. be your own boss no need to work, no presure..

Jee: bullshit larr, you go out workin every end of the month got money in pocket, I day day work end of the month don’t know enough to pay the bills or not

CY: but working where got you so rich..

Jee: bullshit larr, last month my server crash and I got no income, lost some grains somemore.. you thought be my own boss sure rich arr? if so fun than why u 2 don’t want to be your own boss?

CY: if really so bad why you don’t come out and find a job?

Jee: well despite the pressure and uncertainties it’s quite fun, I got to do things that I like to do.. anytime I want.

TW: fuck you larr, u day day sit in front of computer where got fun, no time to see chicks some more

Jee: aiyooyooh, I spend a few hours a day at work only marr.. I got the leisure to have a coffee at some shopping mall at your working hour, go to Genting and have a round of money spending while you are busy at your job, go to Port Dickson to watch a sunset blar blah bleh.. u can meh?

CY, TW: … ermmm

Jee: btw last week while having my lunch at Dome 1U, I met a super cute blonde.. look somewhere like Lindsay Lohan

CY, TW: .. warrhh :cool:

Jee: uc if at work no chance to meet this chick..

CY, TW: then got any kangtao (good opportunities) or not?

Jee: sure got.. will see

btw, want to know more about how a webmaster get a girlfren?

I’ve been a great fan of Amazing Race since their first season, so glad that they are back again, with some twist.. instead of teams of 2 they are now racing in teams of 4.

:lol: 1st episod is totally chaotic, I believe that those families that have the same believe, gel together and love each other will eventually win the race. I couldn’t believe one of the team that family members could curse each other as if they are life long enemies.. they will be out very soon.

Too bad they are no hot chick like the last 2 seasons (Amber I missed you :cry:).. got a cute little gurl, a really young and cute little pie :lol:

Can’t wait to follow the season, looks like my Wednesday will be occupied with the next few months.

Going back to Ipoh in another hour or two, it’s been a while.. well almost 2 months since I was back, missed all the food :cry:

I remembered last time in uni, Ipoh peeps always argued with Penang peeps that who on earth have the best foods on the planet.. well no surprise, we never reach a compromise.

Well I believe different people will have different preference, me personally don’t like spicy food, that makes Canton style cooking a perfect suit for me.. Ipoh will always be my heaven for food.

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Most Merdeka sales are over, but police department decided to extend their 50% discount for another one week.

I am wondering is Malaysia the only country that have discount for paying fine? ..and by making it an annual event doesn’t really help, people who got the ticket will wait for months just for the discount period to pay their fine.

btw the news also showed an ugly habit of fella Malaysians, they like to do things the dying minutes. My brother went to settle his fine just 2 days after the discount started, short queue.. my housemate went there 10 days ago, not too many people too.

..till last few days of the discount period, all the birds are flocking to the traffic department, as if got gold on the floor, or that they really enjoy the crowd and hours waiting. I mean come on larr Malaysians, got chances to do something do it fast and efficient, why wait till the last minute?

Got my Google Adsense approved today, took me a few hours to understand it and blend it into my blog.

Happy now. :)

Wonder how long would it takes for me to reach the Google Adsense payout lol..

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